Operating our business by building foundations for sustainable growth both in terms of the business and its people, so that our organization will be competitive at the global level and provide a sense of pride to our employees who are like our families. Even though we came from different backgrounds but our goals and aspirations are united as we move forward, sharing the same road, towards our vision that will create limitless opportunities in the future.” are the words of the executives, illustrating the determination to drive business as well as provide value to the people which will eventually lead to a sustainable success of Vision 2020. Based on the executives’ visions for the business and its people, plans have been designed to develop employees at different Job Levels and Job Families throughout the organization, especially those who has potential to be leaders in the future. In order to provide a sustainable and stable learning environment, programs to develop competencies in all areas have been designed, including those that improve managerial competency, functional competency, leadership, as well as transformation programs to build foundations to cope with changes in the future.

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