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Oishi Group PCL has been founded since 1999, We are the best quality and good services of the restaurant, bakery and health beverage businesses; as well as maintaining the popularity of 'Oishi' products among the customers, and give the importance to the standards of the product manufacturing and operation.Our Service Products

  • -  Beverage - Oishi Green Tea, Oishi Fruito, Oishi O Herb, Oishi Chakulza,Oishi Kabusecha
  • -  Food - Oishi Sandwich, Oishi Gyoza, Oishi Trendy Sandwich
  • -  Restaurant - Oishi Grand, Oishi Buffet, Shabushi, Nikuya, Oishi Ramen, Kakashi,

Oishi Delivery

We have desire to recruit proactive and self-motivated persons to join our company to support the expansion as part of the quality products development to the organization.

For more information on Oishi Group, please visit www.oishigroup.com


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